Sunday, September 18, 2011

The August Break comes to an end

Summer is over & so is the August Break.  I really enjoyed the challenge of posting a photograph each day throughout the month of August. Looking back I see my posts reflect some of the things I love most about life:  food, travel, the beach & art.  Posting each day forced me to 'just do it' without over thinking.  That is one of things I'm taking away from the challenge.

Over the years I have kept several journals full of ideas & artistic to do projects that I would start "one day".  There have been many reasons as to why some of them were never started.  Now more than ever I feel it's the right time to start working on some of those ideas.  'Just do it' is the new motto.  This past week I began working on 5 new photo transfer canvases.  I will share some photos of them in progress later this week. 

The challenge also introduced me to some very talented artists who have truly inspired me.  The community has been so supportive & I look forward to becoming more involved.  While I'm not going to post a photo each day, I am going to continue to blog on a much more regular basis than before the challenge.  So although it's the end of the challenge & the end of summer I think its also the beginning of something great.

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Lorri said...

Yay! I have to admit I really miss your daily posts!