Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Beach at Sunset - Mixed Media Project

I noticed a few of my recent mixed media projects had a similar theme & palette to them - they involved pink flowers and a green background.  For this project I mixed things up a bit!  I started with a photograph which I converted to black & white in Photoshop.  Once the photo was applied to the canvas I used pastels and acrylic paint to enhance it.  I printed out some text from a recent surf report and applied it to the canvas with gel medium.  I then painted some tape using acrylic paint and applied to the canvas when dry. Before brushing the entire canvas with gel medium to finish it, I splattered some white paint drops on the corners.

Finished canvas - The Beach at Sunset

detail #1 
detail #2

detail #3

detail #4

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink Rose Mixed Media Canvas

Here is one of the mixed media projects I recently completed.  As always I started with transferring a photo onto canvas using gel medium.  The original photo used for this project can be seen in the blog post on July 13.  After transferring the photo I worked on the canvas using lots of acrylic paint, pastels and watercolor pencils.  Sandpaper was used to add a worn look to the background.  I continue to experiment with adding text and for this project I decided to paint some masking tape and then use handwritten text on top.  Once I applied the tape I brushed a coat of gel medium over the entire canvas. Below are a few detail shots of the finished canvas.

finished mixed media canvas

photo transfer on canvas - before paint, pastels and watercolor pencils

painted masking tape with handwritten text

detail of canvas

acrylic paint,  pastel and watercolor pencil detail

detail of canvas